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All eas detacher and deactivator
Antitaccheggio Europeo - Detacher and Deactivator
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Rilevatore manuale x ispezioni
Detacher for Tag Anthiteft
A001 (Standard)
Dimension              : 68x25mm
Magnetic Force     : 6.000 GS
Weight                    : 250gr.
Dimension               : 73x45mm
Magnetic Force       : 10.000 GS
Weight                     : 550gr.
A003 (Super)
A005 (Golf)
Dimension                : 68x35mm
Magnetic Force       : 10.000 GS
Weight                     : 560gr.
A0018 (Sensormatic Detacher)
Dimension    : 180x160x45mm
Unlock            : Meccanic
Type Tag        : For Am Tag Sensormatic Type
Deactivator for soft label RF 8,2 Mhz and Soft Label AM 58 Khz
A103 Deactivator RF 8,2 Mhz
Dimension        : 240x240x16mm
Scan Frequency : 7,5Mhz a 9Mhz
Beep.: Yes for any label deactivate
A102 Deactivator AM 58 Khz
Dimension           : 250x240x55mm
Scan Frequency : 58 Khz

Dimension         : 240x240x16mm
Scan Frequency: 7,5Mhz a 9Mhz
Beep.: no
A101 Deactivator RF 8,2 Mhz