Antitaccheggio Europeo
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Stop theft !! Time expired for rogues!

The EAS is an activity aimed at reducing shrinkage of a public establishment or private.

It is regulated by art. 134 of the Consolidated Laws of Public Safety.

By the term anti-shoplifting can also be understood the series of technological devices that are always used for the reduction of shrinkage. They are used of the antennas capable of detecting the magnetic or magneto acoustic radio frequency labels
Why buy one. (Article of "Il Sole 24 ORE" in 19/10/2010)

Clothing and designer accessories, products for personal care, the hi-tech. These categories of most stolen goods in Italy. The loot also belong spirits, food and multimedia products (video games and Blu-ray) without forgetting the products for the do-it-yourself (from the drill to the LED lamps) to end up with the rechargeable batteries. In the space of twelve months from July 2009 to last June, the damage suffered by the chains of modern Italian distribution was $ 3.2 billion between theft and administrative errors. The loss reaches 3.6 billion, equivalent to 163 euro per family, considering the shortages and investment chains to protect the goods.
In practice the voice shrinkage, which include theft and administrative errors, is a burden on 1.28% of total sales, close to the European average of 1.26%. The phenomenon compared to 2009 shows an improvement of 5.9% and our country after Greece and Turkey is in Europe has further reduced shrinkage. To say it is the 2010 edition of the "world barometer of retail theft" made by the Centre for Retail Research. Globally, the damage is 87.5 billion euro (-5.6%), equal to 1.36% of sales, while Europe is 33.5 billion (-4.4%). Ben 6.2 million individuals caught in the act of which 3.4 in the old continent. On average each time a shoplifter steals merchandise for 161 euro while the employee reaches 1,600 euro.
The economic crisis has accentuated the rise in theft: over one third of Italian retailers reported an increase, compared with a world average of 31%. Just over half of the shortfall is caused by shoplifters, quarter by employees, it was 31% in 2009, in addition to the interior and accounting errors (15.3%) and theft caused by manufacturers and suppliers. Overall, the value of goods withdrawn from the first is around 1.7 billion (-2.7%) while that of employees fell by 24% to 800 million.
"More and more of the store staff are trained and involved in the protection of goods - says Isabella Corradini, a social psychology professor at the University of L'Aquila and president of Themis research center - even through forms of incentive and rewards related to the decline the differences and to corporate results. "


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